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He was the "cult" leader of The Void for a long time. He isn't the member who has been there the longest, but he must have showed something that He enjoyed. Captain helped players pass their "test" which was a ciphered word or sentence, and it was ciphered mutliple times. He is also the creator of The Void forum site. He was banned out of on February 5th, 2012, for continually breaking into The Void Chatzy site. He lives alone, with a few pets. As of right now, he has suffered a broken collarbone, and coping with the death of a pet. He is aparently strong willed, being kicked out of the Chatzy site, and coming back. Even though he's not a part of The Void anymore, he continues to help other people cross The Void, and get to the Utopia that awaits on the other side.